Kids in Connection

Kids in Connection is about coming back to and making paramount in our classrooms the importance of connecting with children. It is about bringing a sense of playfulness, lightness and fun back into our classrooms. We are after all working with children and this is their essence.

Today teachers are experiencing an ever-increasing workload. They are being faced with children that are displaying more extreme behaviours and being asked to do much more in this role than ever before. With these demands, it can become quite easy to develop a pattern of just getting through the day. In this the joy of working with children can be lost. In our current times, with our current pace of life, it is more important than ever that we take the time to develop real and meaningful connections with the children we are working with.

Kids in Connection offers support to teachers in finding their own way to deal with the demands they face, while also re-connecting to the joy of working with children and finding a way to develop deep connections with the children in their class. The benefits of this, for all, are endless.

"Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel" Socrates.


Kids in Connection in the Media

BAYFM Interview with Kristy Wood.

Director of Kids in Connection, Kristy Wood talks about the issues facing children and teachers in the current teaching climate.

Interview Part 1 - Can't see the video? View it on YOUTUBE here

Interview Part 2 - Can't see the video? View it on YOUTUBE here


Thank you so much for talking to our first year students. The comments that arose in the follow up tutorials, along with the links they made between your session and their practicum experiences so far, were evidence of the practicality and value of your visit.

I appreciate your generosity and professionalism in being so open to offer your time and expertise.

University Lecturer


Thank you for a very inspiring and loving workshop on Saturday. I'm sure the way you handled the adult participants is very much aligned to the way you handle the children in your classrooms.... you created a very warm and supportive environment in which to present your expertise and experiences to us so that we could gain a 'new' understanding of what it feels like to be connected to the 'teacher'!

Leading' by example is very powerful in creating a nurturing, and importantly, learning environment, which in turn, ensures equality and connection with your students. I personally found the strategies you use when teaching a 'refreshing' change from the very tired and (don't work) behaviour management strategies so often found in 'text books' and taught through University Units to Pre-service teachers.

As a University lecturer, your workshop has opened the way to ensure that all of our Pre-service students will be given the opportunity to learn that teaching is about the relationship and connection they develop and foster with the children they teach, and the relationship and connections they have with themselves and each other. A point to ponder will actually enjoy, and be motivated, to come to school to learn!

Ruth Anderssen

The Connected Classrooms worskhops should be a mandatory part of any education if you work with or are planning on working with children. The discussion generated was interesting and the activities touched on are simple yet powerful.

Megan O'Meara, Deputy Principal

"Hi Kristy, I just wanted to say how fantastic the Connected Classrooms workshop was yesterday. It was great to experience how connected we felt after our group circle and I can easily see the difference this would make to the day I share with the children in my care. I felt what was offered made me look deeper at what we as teachers can be bringing to our classes, but also what children are experiencing, and how much the quality of the way we are as a teacher impacts upon this. It made me feel the importance of meeting and connecting to the kids as me. I could also see how beneficial the workshop is not only for practising teachers, but for pre-service teachers.

I look forward to any future workshops and recommend all teachers to come along. What Kristy presents is truly inspiring and shows the amazing potential we all have to connect to the kids in our care."

Jade Jamieson, Early Childhood Teacher

"This workshop was immensely supportive; unlike other workshops which can present a set of outside skills to be adopted and brought into the classroom, Kristy showed us that all we really need to bring is our true, natural self and offered us support to do this through her own natural presentation which was so inspiring and powerful. She was full of wonderful stories how kids love this approach and how they immediately respond with someone who genuinely connects with them, offering them also the chance to see that the unacceptable behaviour is not them and laying firm boundaries to not tolerating those behaviours in the classroom. Great parenting skills too. Thanks Kristy for creating these opportunities to share your work."

Gina Dunlop, workshop participant

"I liked being in your class because every one was caring with each other".

Josh Carr, student

"Miss Kristy made me feel safe and made me feel like I wanted to go to school EVERYDAY! Best teacher EVER!"

Joedan Giumelli, student

"Miss Kristy, we still talk about you!!! Best teacher EVER!!
I sat in a parent teacher interview yesterday and the teacher didn't relate to us and all that went through my head was Miss Kristy come to Canberra!!!!! We loved having you as a teacher, and I do say "we" you were able to teach me things about my son. Good luck with your website, it will do well, you are brilliant! Joedan is very proud that you are using his picture, you are not even in the same state, but continue to make him shine with your beautiful words."

Karen Giumelli, Parent of student

“Kristy, I couldn't think of anyone better to be doing this then you. Kids will remember you forever not necessarily because of what you taught them but how you made them feel - and you made school fun (for the staff too!!!).”

Nikki Farrell, teaching colleague

Dear Principal

We had been intending to write this letter to you for some time. We have two boys at your school, one of our sons has just completed Year 2 with Ms Kristy Wood.

And Ms Wood is the reason we write, with good reason! Ms Wood is an outstanding teacher. It is as simple as that. The progress she has made with our son, from the beginning of the year, when he had persistent behavioural issues which were preventing him from really shining and developing, she took on in partnership with us, and now at the end of the year, he has received a fine school report.

The dedication, commitment, humour and ability to think laterally without using obvious carrot/stick approaches, mark her as being one of those rare teachers who can actually change people’s lives for the better.

In everything she does, it is with a slightly unconventional approach, the most recent being the wonderful Christmas Concert for the Year 2’s with the appearance of the camels, which just about brought the house down, let alone the challenge she took on with staging the Year 2 production and the outstanding success it was.

I hope Ms Wood is supported with all her wishes and ideas for the future and education. She is a fine teacher for children, and we think ourselves fortunate to have had her teach our son. When we asked him what he thought of Ms Wood, he gave a big smile, thought about it, and just said ‘Great!’. And I think that says it all.

From two very happy parents