Pressures facing teen girls

17 Jun

This article 'Why girls are having sex at 12' was recently published in the Australian Women's Weekly magazine. It is an honest look at what many young girls are experiencing today. The fact that magazine's like this are publishing such stories means that this is becoming an issue that we need to look at. Most parents with young girls freak out when they read this headline and say 'not my daughter'. While not all 12 year old girls are having sex, the context in which children are growing up in today has significantly changed. 
Children are now able to access a great deal of information that they are not able to emotionally deal with. They are not yet mature enough to discern the information and often take what they see literally and take it in as being how things are. What has become the 'norm' or 'acceptable' today is very alarming. It is now common practice for girls in high school to send naked images of themselves to boys. An act which can turn out to be deeply scaring for life. Imagine if you are an adolescent growing up in these times, where the pressure to fit has now become about how 'sexy' you are willing to be. Many children are struggling with knowing how to deal with what they are being faced with on a daily basis. We need to get involved and support them. 

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