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08 Mar

Inspired by Great Parenting

I work with a lot of families from all different walks of life. I love hearing their stories, supporting them and also learning from them.

I recently spent the week with the 10-year old son of some friends, as they needed to go away for work. I was very inspired by their parenting, the way they are with their son and what this is teaching him.

They really instil in their son that he is part of the family and that he also has a responsibility to contribute to ensure that the house flows, that everyone does their part and that they support one another.

30 Aug

If it only works for one, then it doesn't really work!

Recently I have been reflecting on and talking with many teachers about behaviour management. Many teachers are saying that behaviour management isn’t working and student behaviour is becoming more and more difficult to manage. I have observed this too and added to this I have also seen children become more disruptive, frustrated or defiant due to some of the strategies that are being implemented.

21 Jul

Playfulness in Schools

Playfulness in Schools

by Kristy Wood

Children are naturally playful, so working with children should be enjoyable and fun. Many teachers that I know joined the profession because of a love they had for children. Yet once in the job, this enjoyment and playfulness isn’t necessarily part of their daily experience. So the question does need to be asked, why?

I am not going to try and present the answer for this question. It is just something worth us pondering on.

17 Jun

Pressures facing teen girls

This article 'Why girls are having sex at 12' was recently published in the Australian Women's Weekly magazine. It is an honest look at what many young girls are experiencing today. The fact that magazine's like this are publishing such stories means that this is becoming an issue that we need to look at. Most parents with young girls freak out when they read this headline and say 'not my daughter'.