Kids in Connection offers:

  • Staff Development sessions for schools and other organisations working with kids.
  • Connected Classroom Workshops and other workshops based on topics related to working with children - upcoming workshops will be posted on this page.
  • Consultancy for Schools around topics relating to: 
    • Creating caring, responsible and effective classrooms, 
    • Discipline, 
    • Understanding and responding to children's behaviour,
    • Group work with children,
    • Ways to work with parents,
    • Bringing a sense of playfulness, joy and fun into the day, and 
    • Teacher stress and burn-out and ways to maintain yourself within this role.
  • One to One consultations and support sessions for teachers and those working in children's services.
  • One to One social and emotional support sessions for school aged children. 
  • Follow up sessions for parents to support their child's social and emotional development.

For more information about these services contact Kristy